National Tournaments of Belgium 2022/23

name of tournament date place winner score  
1st Grand Prix 03.-04.09.2022 Oostende Eric DAELMAN 60,19% results
2nd Grand Prix 24.-25.09.2022 Gent Eric DAELMAN 67,61% results
3rd Grand Prix 21.-23.10.2022 Gent Steve WILMS 63,61% results
national Championships 12.-14.01.2023 Blankenberge Eric DAELMAN   results
4th Grand Prix 24.-26.03.2023 Deerlijk      
5th Grand Prix 29.-30.04.2023 Emblem      
6th Grand Prix 03.-04.06.2023 Oosthoven      

  Belgium Grand-Prix-Ranking 2022/23