43. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS   May 15th -17th, 2009   Grubbenvorst / NL

rating description opponents
D014   Group matches: Martin van RHEE vs. Juan-Carlos CUADRADO
D015     Walter BAX vs. Sander JONEN
D016     Serdar GÜMÜS vs. Martin van RHEE
D017   Sander JONEN vs. Franz HEIGL
D018     Martin van RHEE vs. Yavuz ÖNEY
D019     Sander JONEN vs. Thomas AHRENS
D020   Quarter Finals: Sander JONEN vs. Jean REVERCHON
D021     Xavier FONELLOSA vs. Martin van RHEE
D022   Half Finals: Sander JONEN vs. Eric DAELMAN
D023   Xavier FONELLOSA vs. Kevin TRAN
D024 The Final: Sander JONEN vs. Xavier FONELLOSA

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