26. - 29. 12. 2002           Niel / Belgium

Another victory for the European Champion Thomas Ahrens

At the first look, not every player was lucky with the date of the tournament. Belgium organized the GP 2002 in the weekend after christmas, but they received inscriptions from not less than 25 players. After the troubles last season in Minderhout (the qualifikation was played with the old system, the main tournament with the new one) everything seems to be "under a good star". The organisation placed two new billiards Verhoeven into a Gym-hall with enough place for 250 people. Extra vip-lounges are also installed and the higher positioned tribunes gave a good overview.

the qualifikation the main tournament the final classement
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ut... there was made a mistake during calculating the opponents for the 1/4-final.
The results from the 1/8-finals:

1. Walter Bax       80,851 %
2. Jan Osterloh     75,609 %
3. Jürgen Goris     74,585 %
4. Angelo Casales  74,418 %
5. Patrick Adams   65,594 %
6. Eric Daelman     64,308 %
7. Thomas Ahrens  63,214 %
8. Manfred Hekerle 56,666 %
The match Bax v Hekerle was o.k., but the  other matches had to be: Osterloh v Ahrens(!),Goris v Eric Daelman and Casales v Adams. It doesn't matter at all, but there are   some changes in the european  ranking, which "normally" not been happened.