David Keller     1986     Budapest/Hungary
European Championships 2013
Personal Record 65,62%, played at the German Grand Prix in Fehrbach/Germany 2016

Hungarian Champion in Gyomaendröd 2016
2nd at the Hungarian Championships Budapest 2011, Gyomaendröd 2012 and Gyomaendröd 2013
3rd at the Hungarian Championships Gyomaendröd 2014 and Budapest 2015

2nd at the German Grand Prix in Hannover/GER 2014
3rd at the German Grand Prix in Fehrbach/GER 2016

2nd at the Vienna Cup 2012

Winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix in Gyomaendröd 2012
2nd at the Körös Cup in Gyomaendröd 2012 and Gyomaendröd 2014

2nd at the Árpás Cup 2011
3rd at the Árpás Cup 2010