Manfred HEKERLE     May 10th, 1964     Vienna/Austria
Copa Hanbat Mexico City 2013
Raymond Steylaerts Wisselbeker 2000

Personal record: 67,582%, played at the Austrian Championships in Vienna/A 2000

12th at the World Championships in Fâches-Thumesnil/France 2002
8th at the European Championships in Fâches-Thumesnil/France 2000

6th of the European Grand Prix in Niel/B 2002

8 times Austrian Champion

2nd of the Dutch Championships in Nijmegen/NL 2004
3rd of the Dutch Championships in Aalten/NL 2009

Winner of the Dutch Grand Prix in Hapert/NL 2004

2nd of the Tour Mundial de Billard Artistico in Mexico City 2006
3rd of the "Kamui Cup" in Tula de Allende/MEX 2014
2nd of the "Copa Aramith" in Mexico City 2016

Winner of the Vienna Cup 2011