In Memoriam Pieter Vogel
UMB - referee

dutch version


October 6th, 1935 – Februar 6th, 2006

In his well-known surroundings in his home in Epse and presence of his woman Ineke monday February 6th Pieter Vogel passed away in the age of 70. His sickness became fatal. He has deserved well of the KNBB especially Billiard Artistic.

Pieter Vogel made knowledge with the billiard sport in Twello, his birthtown. He tackled this immediately serious; a property that characterised him: he bought special billiard-books and studied them intensive. Especially the part `theoretical considerations` - that skipped almost everyone - had his interest.

Later Pieter got informations over Billiard Artistic (called fantasie classique at this time).

In a billiardhall in the old ´Schouwburg´ in Deventer he started try out the playing positions with his friend Johan Schiphorst. That led to an enormous deceptie; without indications they did not come far. Pieters interest to play billiards collapsed, he aimed at its second hobby play chess, but revived then in 1985, in Sluis a World Championship was held. He bought the programme of figures. In that regulation of 1978 the figures stood indicated with small rectangles and lines had been subscribed which seemed sometimes completely wrong. He grasped the plan on to draw the figures again. At his work as a statistician at the company ´Akzo´ he had the arrangement concerning a computer and plotter, and after a lot of evenings he had ready the book of figures. Every right-minded billiard artistik player have that book work in his possession.

After this World Championship, won by Jean Bessems, his love for the game raised again. He trained with Bep van der Wal in Hattem. There he know that his performances on the green cloth never will reach the press he decided to try make referee. His first tournament was on October 31th, 1986 the daihatsu tournament at Billiard hall ´Stokkers´ in Enschede. Helped by his enormous knowledge of technical and mechanical aspects of certain stoten, he became National referee end years eighty and on March 21st, 1991 Jean Graus gave him the pin for ´Arbitre honoraire du UMB´. In regulary Carom game he was ´National´ certified, although he never conducted a game as such.

March 1989 Pieter took the secretariat of the ´Commission Biljart Artistiek´. In his period some sensitive topics have passed: discussions concerning figures, interpretations, organisation of tournaments, international conspiracies, collision with governing boards and players, and the reorientation of ivoren balls on super aramith.

When beginning 2005 decreased its health, Pieter decided to do it more quietly. He found a continuator for the secretariat, but continued meeting work in this commission. To appreciate his work he got the KNBB-pin in gold during the latest Masters in Venlo on April 24th, 2005. There was no better moment to choose: Venlo concerned his 95th official tournament and in total 150th! Its farewell had been planned on the WK in January in Amsterdam last January, but he had call off health reasons for that unfortunately. That did him pain.

At the top on his list with most beautiful tournaments the World Championships in ´Bad Bergzabern´ in October 1991 take place, where Frans Belderbos became World Champion. Followed by tournaments in Grubbenvorst, Goor and Rucphen. Pieter hope that `his´ game will get more attention in the media and will get more and new players. What he thought is that the change to Aramith balls will help to realize this.