pictures from the website


Do you want to get get original prints or digital copys of the originals from the pictures wich conditions of rights are attached to the site ciba-online? It´s possible!
Please follow the instructions below to get pictures or CD´s by mail.

1 Make a list of your choice from the pictures and the size you want. Send this list to Do not forget your name and adress for mail-delivery.
2 You will receive a confirmation-email from ciba-online with our bank-account and the amount you have to transfer. This email is also the formal confirmation of your order.
3 After receipt of the full amount the pictures will be printed or CD´s burned. This media will be sent as soon as possible to the adress you gave us in your order.
4 ciba-online only send pre-payed media.
5 Prices are without delivery costs. This costs will be the cheapest possible except you want to get secured registered mail or UPS. Please tell this in your order.
6 It is not allowed to use this pictures for publications such as daily- or weekly publications, magazines, or internet, except ciba-online gave written permission.
7 If you want to order pictures for publication other taxes will be suitable.These are connected to the federation of photographers. If you will publish picture(s) you have to name the mention of the source and send one copy of the media to us.

Ciba-online now practice these taxes for prints:
size         price
10x15 cm € 3,50 p. piece
13x18 cm € 4,50 p. piece
20x30 cm € 6,50 p. piece

Delivery on CD-ROM (without taxes):
pieces                         price
  1 - 25 pictures, 300 dpi € 35,00 (no transfer of rights)
26 - 50 pictures, 300 dpi € 60,00 (no transfer of rights)
more than 50: please ask for an offer.