April 25th - April 27th, 2019                          Brandenburg / GER

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The inscriptions:

All nations inscripted their champions regulary as nation#1 (guaranteed place for the nation),
only france did not inscribe the champion, but a player ranked outside the possible participation area,
so the place for Emrah Tac was gone.

playing on distance

The discussion to shorten the system is all some years old, the action taken to make sets with 7 figures was a three-man desicion under a "commission". No other players were asked. All promises from this commission were worth nothing.

In august 2017 there was an international enquete were we asked all nation-representants for a new and shorter system.
Some players worked a lot to find a solution, some other made nothing!
In fact, what we play here is the solution - voted with European mayority.

Nobody wants this system!
Dont make populism. Who?
This system is the result of European voting and there is majority for this system

I had no time to collect experience with this system!
It´s your own fault. This system is valid since June 2018