European Championships

July 5th-7th, 2007 Malatya / Turkey

The official poules:


  M. Touré S. Gümüs E. Daelman S. Viglianesi
  W. Bax X. Fonellosa J. Oliver A. Arslan
  J. Reverchon J. Goris R. de Vos M. van Rhee
  T. Ahrens K. Tran R. Immervoll Y. Oney



Readers opinions
2007-06-11 10:00 Sander Jonen is on the participation list. This is the result of an objection from the Dutch Federation. Following the European rules every CEB-Grand-Prix older than 3 jears have to be eliminated. After correction Jonen is on the 8th CEB-place. So the Netherlands have a second place. The CEB do not want to disappoint a participant who is already on the players list (it would be a turkish player...), so they will play with 17 players.
The official reason to play with 17 players are "problems between the English and French regulations"
2007-06-11 16:00 Martin van Rhee was 2nd in the Netherlands this year, so van Rhee will play. According to the reglement of the European Championships the places which will be filled up to 16 players (this time 17) are not for the player on the ranking, the place is for the federation.
2007-06-11 17:15 The Dutch regulation is clear: If there is a second place for the Netherlands, the 2nd of the Masters will go. Jonen: "I payed for the GP´s in France and Belgium to get the rankingpoints for the European Ranking. Now my Federation gives away my place". This may happen in every nation.
2007-06-11 18:30 Jean-Paul Sinanian:"it's incredible to belive that this tournament can be played with 17 participants ... what? Touré should play 4 matches to come out the group?? and the other 3 groups only have 3 matches!! it is scandalous!!! it could not be! 20 players or 16, not 17 or 18 or 19..."
2007-06-15 Fabrice Lemesle: "The first sentence of the regulation of the europeen shampionship is :´The Europeen Artistic Shampionship will play with 16 players.´
Why Mr Tusveld decide to add a 17th player against the rules he has to respect ? And why in this group ? Where are the reactions of the Belgium , Turkish and Italian Federations ?"

2007-06-18 Walter Crols: "I´ve seen the CEB-ranking, there are a lot of players who got ranking points from an European Championship. Until 2003 we played with 24, the last EC we played with 16, the following EC with 17. The European ranking now counts 25! people who got points from an EC, thats not deserving believe. Not speaking about to have a licence to be CEB-referee..."



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More photos and detailled results will follow tuesday.
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Gümüs vs. Tran 3:1 (52:35)
Tran misses 14. now 3 hours busy. Gümüs makes 14.
Tran makes 85, Gümüs missed. Tran missed 17
Gümüs Matchball on 17. missed. Tran on 22. made
Gümüs Matchball on 22.

(3rd set 65:56)
Tran makes the 60, Gümüs the 56, both 90, both 48,
Gümüs have to make 84. made. Tran have to. miss.
(2nd set 32:45)
(1st set 48:31)

LIGHTS ARE OFF(for approx. 15 min.)
The balls are not to play anymore, the referee is asked to clean the balls every figure!
Scoreboard failed, 7 people come to repair

Half Finals:
Daelman vs. Tran 0:3
Gümüs vs. Fonellosa 3:0

On 4 tables they have 4 sets of balls ...
Good Morning - short night:

Until now we had at least 5-8referee-faults: at least 3 times the referee stops a ball short before carom: Bax at 53, Daelman at 37, Oney at 45. Tran against Oney fig.90: the point of ball 2 is missing. Referee did not mark the point, he takes 2 balls distance. Tran have right if he says no. Long discussions. Tran says: let it be-its ok. Oney applaus. Spectators sayed Booooooo.
Tran was right boyz!



Quarter Finals:
De Vos vs. Fonellosa 2:3
Bax vs. Gümüs 2:3
Daelman vs. Ahrens 3:2
Goris vs. Tran 1:3

17:00h EST: last group matches started
de Vos vs. Reverchon 3:1
Goris vs. van Rhee 3:1
Ahrens vs. Immervoll 3:0
Tran vs. Oney 3:1

Poule A:
Touré vs. Gümüs 2:3
Daelman vs. Viglianesi 3:0
Bax vs. Oliver 3:1
Fonellosa vs. Arslan 2:3

July 6th, 10:30h EST:
Good Morning.
Internet connection (WLAN) is repaired, I hope it will work 2 more days.
Matches start at 11:00h


00:15 EST
Internet in Tournament place failed!
Now from Hotel.
Prost, sorry and greetings to all viewers
More tomorrow with percentages from 12:00h

4th round
Ahrens vs. Tran 2:3
Oney vs. Immervoll 3:1
de Vos vs. Goris 3:0
Reverchon vs van Rhee 3:1

Kusjes aan Caroline en Sara! Jurgen

19:00 EST: 3rd round
Fonellosa vs. Bax 0:3
Oliver vs. Arslan 3:2
Touré vs. Daelman 2:3
Gümüs vs. Viglianesi 3:0

17:10 EST: 2nd round
Reverchon vs. Goris 1:3
de Vos vs. van Rhee 3:2
Ahrens vs. Oney 3:2, again with the 98!
Tran vs. Immervoll 3:0

Oney played the 45: 10cm before scoring the referee stops ball 2. short discussions. the ball was counted. wrong desicion.... Ahrens upset

Somebody out there watching?
send reactions if you want!

Malatya outside 37C.
Inside Table 1 20C ... Table 4 30C
(5 big aircos at table 1)

13:30h EST: First matches
Touré vs. Viglianesi 3:0
Daelman vs. Gümüs 3:0
Bax vs. Aslan 3:0
Fonellosa vs. Oliver 3:1

NO Nameboards present

First discussions at the 2nd! Figure, Gümüs played 87 with 1 cushion, he sayed he had 1 cusion before ball 2. Long discussion. He got 0 points, nobody knows that ball 1 have to have 2 cushions AFTER ball 2.

11:40 The cues from Bax, Goris and Reverchon arrived. The games begin

11:00 Official opening with folklore, look at the pictures page