1st Juanjo Trilles Cup

Sept. 10th - 11th, 2011          Gandia / Spain

The final result:
place nation name
Florian KOHLER
€ 4.500.-
€ 3.500,-
Juan Carlos CUADRADO
€ 2.500,-
Roberto ROJAS
€ 2.500,-
€ 1.500,-
€ 1.500,-
€ 1.500,-
Martin van RHEE
€ 1.500,-
1. At the first part of the playing system every player tried 5 figures from the official program: 70, 62, 12, 25 and 88. Every participant had 4 tries - one for training and three counting tries. In every case each player had 4 tries. Every try counts.... and every solved shot was worth 6 points. So the possible maximum of the first session was 90 points. For example Roberto Rojas only made figure 25 - three times - he gets 3x6=18 points for that. The strongest player was Reverchon, who scored 30 points. Kohler and Torres solved none.
2. In this section every player tried 5 of his own figures. Every participant sent his figures one month before tournament to the tournament director and he gave the difficulty-points from 6 to 9 points. Every player hat 4 tries - the first for training and three counting tries. The strongest player in this section was Florian Kohler who scored 35 points. Van Rhee and Viglianesi scored none.

3. Here the players have to solve 4 figures from the tournament director. The players haven´t seen this figures before. The order in which the players come to table was drawed every figure. Each player had 4 tries - one for training and 3 counting tries.
The 5th figure of this section every player may try ... or not. If a player don´t play - he gets no points of course, but every try (up to 8 tries) the player have to buy. It costs 3 points of his actual score. So players who are almost secured takes less tries (Reverchon and Cuadrado did not play, Kohler takes 2 tries). The players on the end of the scoreboard of course tried everything - Viglianesi, Torres and Van Rhee buyed 8 tries which costs them 24 points each...

now the figures:




This figure is a follow-drawshot over 3 cushions. There were 2 difficulties. At first the kiss ball1-ball2 at the area of the pin, at second the third cushion. The red ball was free from the short cushion - only half a ball, and the third cushion have to be the short one.
There´s a lot of luck necessary - only Viglianesi made this figure once.


8 pts

  Here the difficulty was to shorten ball 1. It looks like 81 but it´s more difficult. Kohler and Rojas made this figure once. Martin van Rhee made it in the 1st try - this was his trainingsshot - it doesn´t count...


9 pts

  Technical not difficult. Very difficult without training. Lotto. Nobody solved within 4 tries.

Fig. 4

10 pts

  This one is like fig.8 but more extreme. It counts 10 points without cushion, 5 points with touching the short cushion. Nobody made it.

Fig. 5

20 pts
(2 balls inside)

4 pts
(one ball inside)


Ball 2 is on the 2nd diamond in the middle of the table, ball one direction corner. The sense is to play both balls into the tunnel (a box with round opening), the opening there was 2mm more than a ball.
Before you try: this figure is played on new cloth, the difficulty was to shorten ball 2.
Viglianesi tried 8times (-24pts) and gets one ball inside 4times (+12pts)...no good deal.
Massey got one ball inside 2times, Rojas and Kohler one times. Van Rhee was the only one who got both balls inside once - in his first try - no score.


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