World Championships

Sept.30th - Oct.4th '09 Kastamonu / T

the These were the Qualification Poules from

Poule A Daelman (3)
Hekerle (24)
Parra (18)
Poule B Bax (5)
Öztas (33)
Oney (16)
Poule C Reverchon (8)
Scholtes (37)
(=Park: <40%)
Heigl (14)
Poule D Ahrens (9)
Kirman (-)
Cuadrado (13)

the averages are approx. actual, maximum age some month.
Look at the differences in averages.

the actual Main Poules from

Poule A Yaman Cin    
Poule B Jonen Fonellosa    
Poule C Tran Gümüs    
Poule D Sakai van Rhee    

   28th World Championships   


Oct. 13th, 2009

Pictures and videos ready.
update finished

Final overview about the official UMB-results:
faults made during the tournament: 26
players with wrong percentage at the final ranking: 17
players at wrong positions at the final ranking: 13

one more example: read the UMB final ranking, player Bax:
solved pts: 1294, played ts: 1845, percentage: 66,709

Oct. 7th, 2009

Checked results ready. (with a little help of the reglement and a pocket calculator...)

Oct. 7th, 2009

More pics and videos will come thursday till weekend
checked results will be filled also in the next days.
I have to filter about 80GB pictures and videos...

Oct 3rd, 2009

The new World Champion is Eric Daelman!

Eric Daelman - Haci Arap Yaman 3:2

Half finals 10:00h (09:00 MESZ)
Martin van Rhee - Haci Arap Yaman 2:3
Walter Bax - Eric Daelman 1:3

Oct 2nd, 2009

18:00h The quarter fnals:
Martin van Rhee - Thomas Ahrens 3:2
Rob Scholtes - Haci Arap Yaman 1:3
Walter Bax - Michael Hammen 3:2
Xavier Fonellosa - Eric Daelman 1:3

Oct 1st, 2009

The referees are better than expected, some faults always can happen, i have seen one special: Oney plays 62, playing ball comes directly to the short cushion and would come for sure with 2 cushions, but the referee picked out the playing ball. Also some referees are touching the balls too early, other ones let the balls run until they stop. But - almost all of them were better than expected. Memories on Malatya (last EC 2007) waked up: the lights went off for about 20 minutes...

The dutch team: van Rhee-Jonen-Hekerle-Scholtes

Internet connection established, the games began.
Unfortunately internet works only at the hotel, not at the tournament area...
4 tables marked only for right handed players.... The Korean Jeong is left-handed...
After marking the table the Korean wanted to play the right-handed positions. There is no point in the reglement for this, so in theory he is allowed to play (technical problems he will get at 2, 23,...). But he is not allowed....


No changing of groups, no questions allowed, everybody has to smile.

Sept. 29th, 2009

Following the UMB-rules players meeting at 20h.
20h... no meeting...

Sept. 24th, 2009

This is not funny, this is the behaviour from the UMB.
There was a official request from the Royal Dutch Federation almost a week ago... and there is NO answer...

Sept. 24th, 2009

It´s rare that we have´nt got any time table or other reactions from the UMB.
Sander Jonen - European Champion

Sept. 23th, 2009

If you look at the official poules left you will see that in colomn 1 the best CEB-ranked player is Daelman in poule A, thats OK. In colomn 2 the best CEB-ranked player is Hekerle, he´s also in poule A. Thats wrong. In colomn 3 the best asian player is in poule A, a sorting by average never happens. see the All Japan Championships! In colomn 4 the weakest player have to be in poule A, thats ok with ranking, but not in percentage. To work with a CEB-ranking with only Nationals and EC is not serious, but its fixed in the reglement.

Sept. 23th, 2009

>>Hammen has to replace the Korean directly because the cancelling of the participation was after the deadline of inscription.
JC Dupond<<
Wrong, at the last WC in Schelle, Touré and Oney come from reserve and the groups have been making after.
And what about the order of the asian players: nothing in the rules about the order of them ( why not  first JEONG and second  PARK , or JAP/KOR/JAP/KOR), nothing about their percentage!!!!
The UMB know nothing about it and don t care!!!
Xavier ask something about the seeded players , he is true… it s impossible to understand something because the player from CPB don t come and there is one more player from ceb .But witch player is CEB1, which one CEB2,CEB3 ….

We have the right to understand !!!
Jean Reverchon

Sept. 22th, 2009

Hammen has to replace the Korean directly because the cancelling of the participation was after the deadline of inscription.
JC Dupond

This rule is not fixed in the UMB-regulations and was not practiced before...

anyway, if we accept this, the groups have to be:

A: Daelman (3) -  Parra (18) - Watanabe (65,6%) - Kirman (-)
B: Bax (5)        - Oney (16)  - Kano (47,3%) - Scholtes (37)
C: Reverchon (8)-Heigl (14) - Hammen (12)       - Öztas (33)
D: Ahrens (9)    - Cuadrado (13) -Jeong (<40%  )-Hekerle(24)

again: the UMB-poules are wrong. Following the UMB-regulations Article 2 the weakest row of the CEB-players must be sorted from right to left, so for example Kirman (the only one with 0 ranking points) must be in poule A. Also the asian players are not sorted by strenght.

Sept. 21th, 2009 21:00

Does any one know which criteria is followed to establish the seeded and prequalifying groups?.
Apparently it makes no sense…

Xavier Fonellosa

Sept. 21th, 2009 16:30

The correct poules without Park, with Hammen have to be:

A: Daelman (3) - Oney (16)   - Parra (18)          - Kirman (-)
B: Bax (5)        - Heigl (14)  -Watanabe (65,6%)- Scholtes (37)
C: Reverchon (8)-Cuadrado (13)-Kano (47,3%)- Öztas (33)
D: Ahrens (9)    - Hammen (12)-Jeong (<40%  )-Hekerle(24)

Sept. 21th, 2009 16:00

The Korean Park is out, Hammen is in again.
And again with direct replacement and not following the
CEB-ranking. The whole thing is going to be ridiculous...

Sept. 21th, 2009 15:20

The UMB-site poules you see on the left side.

Following the UMB-regulations Article 2 the weakest row of the CEB-players must be sorted from right to left.

The correct poules have to be:
A: Daelman (3)  - Parra (18)  -Watanabe (65,6%)- Kirman (-)
B: Bax (5)           -Oney (16)   -Kano (47,3%)- Scholtes (37)
C: Reverchon (8)- Heigl (14)    -Jeong (<40%)- Öztas (33)
D: Ahrens (9)    -Cuadrado (13) - Park (<40%)-Hekerle(24)
(the positions from Jeong and Park can be drawn)

Sept. 21th, 2009 14:30

I don’t understand nothing about the poules!
Qualification group A is strong and all the other groups not! Why the normally used seeding of the players will not be used. If the last 4 players of the CEB-ranking will be seeded from right to left (its the rule of seeding, the last player on CEB-rank in A) the strenght of the players will be levveled a bit.
How can it be possible that number 1 and 2 of the EC en EC ranking are in one group???!!! (Fonellosa and myself)
Who will play Hammen or Park?
Sander Jonen

Sept. 21th, 2009 13:00

Hammen is out, the Korean Park is in again.
There are players who wants to practice sport, but some guys make a bad theatre from it!

Again: the row of the "weakest" players must be sorted from right to left, thats reglement! So without Hammen, Kirman must be poule A, Scholtes poule B...

Sept. 21th, 2009 11:00

If the 2nd row of the group-schemata is reserved for pan-american players and there is no inscription of panamerican players more CEB-players will come into the 2nd row of course. BUT the CEB-players with the lowest ranking points must be in the last row, from right to left, so the "weakest" player following the CEB-ranking must be in poule A. It is important for the time-schedule, because the first matches will be 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3, but perhaps not this time...

Sept. 20th, 2009

"Yes your are true, we understand nothing about the classement of the player like every time…..the UMB is just ok to take care about the championship 2month before it, and the players have to wait 3 weeks before the championship to take care about the flight and to organize themselves to go to play."
Jean Reverchon


Sept. 20th, 2009

the qualification poules were published:

A: Daelman-Hekerle-Watanabe-Parra
B: Bax-Öztas-Kano-Oney
C: Reverchon-Scholtes-Hammen-Heigl
D: Ahrens-Kirman-Jeong-Cuadrado

Unfortunately the quality inside the groups are very different. At first: if the 3rd of the EC in Grubbenvorst will be seeded in the main tournament (Daelman or Tran) the final result of the European Championship have to be checked... 3rd Daelman 4th Tran. At matchpoints overall, at setpoints in the half final and with percentage.

Jonen and Fonellosa seeded in the same poule?????
(No.1 and 2 at the CEB-rank and No.1 and 2 at the EC)

OK, one Korean player will not come, reserve Hammen will play. If the poules were published after a player cancels and the reserve will play there have to be no direct replacement, there have to be a new ranking.

Before somebody asks for an idea: The ranking of the European participants following the CEB-Ranking:

Daelman      A   (but it have to be Tran)
Bax              B
Reverchon   C
Ahrens         D
Hammen      D
Cuadrado    C
Heigl            B
Oney           A
Parra           A
Hekerle        B
Öztas          C
Scholtes      D
Kirman ranking points
(So if you want: Kirman and the 3 Asian players can be seeded randomized)

The argument, that the UMB-rules say, the Panamerican players have to be in the 2rd row and the Asian players in the 3rd row is not valid. The UMB-rules say also that there will be an EC and a WC every 2nd year (not season!) changing every year. Now - 2009 - we have an EC and a WC. The national champions following season of every country perhaps will get nothing...

Sept. 19th, 2009

Player details and pictures in the pictures-area

Sept. 9th, 2009

The list of participants published:

1. Haci Arap YAMAN
2. Nubuyasu SAKAI
3. Kevin TRAN
4. Sander JONEN
5. Martin van RHEE
6. Serdar GÜMÜS
8. Baris CIN
9. Yavuz ÖNEY
10. Haijme WATANABE
11. Kouhei KANO
12. Seung Han PARK
13. Yong Seok JEONG
14. Walter BAX
15. Thomas AHRENS
17. Manfred HEKERLE
18. Juan Carlos CUADRADO
20. Franz HEIGL
21. Michel PARRA
22. Eric DAELMAN
23. Senol ÖZTAS
24. Koray KIRMAN



Main Tournament